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Auto-Tune VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins are used for pitch correction and vocal effects in music production. The term “Auto-Tune” is often associated with Antares Auto-Tune, which is one of the most popular pitch correction tools. However, there are several other Auto-Tune VST plugins available from different developers. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular ones:

Antares Auto-Tune

  1. Auto-Tune Pro: The flagship product offering real-time pitch correction, classic Auto-Tune effect, and advanced editing features.
  2. Auto-Tune Artist: Designed for live performance with low latency and real-time pitch correction.
  3. Auto-Tune EFX+: A combination of pitch correction and creative vocal effects.
  4. Auto-Tune Access: A more affordable and simplified version of Auto-Tune with essential features.

Celemony Melodyne

  1. Melodyne 5 Studio: Offers detailed pitch correction, time-stretching, and other advanced features. Known for its natural sound and precise editing capabilities.
  2. Melodyne Essential: A more basic version providing fundamental pitch correction and time-stretching tools.

Waves Tune

  1. Waves Tune Real-Time: Provides real-time pitch correction with minimal latency, suitable for live performances.
  2. Waves Tune: A more detailed pitch correction tool suitable for studio use with graphical editing capabilities.

iZotope Nectar

  1. Nectar 3: A comprehensive vocal processing suite that includes pitch correction along with various other vocal effects.
  2. Nectar Elements: A simplified version of Nectar 3 with essential vocal processing tools.

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro

  1. Revoice Pro 4: Known for its advanced pitch and timing correction features, along with vocal alignment and doubling.

Other Popular Auto-Tune VSTs

  1. GVST GSnap: A free pitch correction plugin with both automatic and manual modes.
  2. Auburn Sounds Graillon 2: A pitch correction and vocal effect plugin available in both free and paid versions.
  3. MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction: A free and easy-to-use pitch correction plugin.

These plugins vary in terms of features, complexity, and price, so the choice of which one to use depends on your specific needs and budget.


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