Fabfilter Total Bundle




The FabFilter Total Bundle is a comprehensive collection of audio plug-ins from FabFilter, a renowned developer in the music production industry. This bundle includes all of FabFilter’s professional audio tools, designed for mixing, mastering, and sound design. Here’s an overview of the plugins typically included in the FabFilter Total Bundle:

  1. Pro-Q: An advanced equalizer with a highly customizable interface and a wide range of features, including dynamic EQ, linear-phase processing, and a spectrum analyzer.
  2. Pro-C: A versatile compressor with various compression styles, side-chain capabilities, and detailed visual feedback.
  3. Pro-R: A high-quality reverb plugin that provides a natural, musical sound with extensive controls and an intuitive interface.
  4. Pro-L: A brickwall limiter designed for mastering, offering precise control and transparent limiting with multiple limiting algorithms.
  5. Pro-MB: A powerful multiband compressor/expander with flexible band controls and a clean, transparent sound.
  6. Pro-DS: A de-esser that effectively reduces sibilance in vocal recordings without compromising sound quality.
  7. Pro-G: A gate/expander that provides detailed control over gating and expansion, useful for cleaning up audio recordings.
  8. Saturn: A multi-band distortion and saturation plugin with various distortion styles and modulation capabilities.
  9. Timeless: A creative delay plugin with extensive modulation options and high-quality delay algorithms.
  10. Volcano: A versatile filter plugin with a wide range of filter types and modulation possibilities.
  11. Twin: A synthesizer plugin with powerful oscillators, filters, and modulation options.
  12. Simplon: A simplified version of the Volcano filter plugin, offering two high-quality multimode filters.
  13. One: A basic synthesizer plugin designed for simplicity and ease of use.

The bundle is popular among audio professionals for its high-quality sound, intuitive interfaces, and innovative features.


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